My website audit checklist

Website problems? My website audit uses a comprehensive checklist to help me work out why your website isn’t working for you and show you how to fix it.


My content-writing process

If you have a business blog and want to make it work for you, I can help. In this article I’ll take you through my content writing process.

Content ideas for Autumn 2021

Get your autumn content plan fired up and ready for action with this handy event and inspiration guide, covering the months from September to November ’21.


Content ideas for Summer 2021

Get your summer content marketing plan beach ready with this ideas guide, which is full of calendar events and ideas for the months from June to August.


7 Digital marketing sins

Some are devious, some are dirty, ALL are damaging — to your audience and your business. If you’re guilty of these sins, you need to change your ways!


How to break up long content

You’ve finally created that cornerstone post for your blog. But now you need to break it up into manageable chunks for your audience. Here’s how to do it.