Why hire a freelance content writer?

Maybe your website has a blog, but you don’t have the time or resources to write new posts for it.

Perhaps you started creating content for your blog, but then ran out of ideas. Or you felt the blog wasn’t doing anything for your business, so you gave up on it.

Maybe your new website has a blog included, but your don’t know what to put in it or how to make it work for you.

An expert content writer will take your blog to the next level, filling it with the kind of valuable content your customers will love.

Helpful, well-written content can attract new visitors to your website and convince existing visitors that yours is the company they want to work with.

Why hire me as your content creator?

As a seasoned content creator, I understand the power of a good blog and how, with the right input and inspiration, it can be a goldmine for your business.

Here are just some of the reasons you should choose to work with me.


    If content is King, then I’m its Queen. I’ve been creating content for a living since 2005. I’ve experimented and learned from it. I know what works — and what doesn’t.


    My mind is never blank. It’s always whirring with ideas. So I’ll always find something interesting, intriguing or inspiring your audience will want to read about.


    Your blogs will be researched determinedly and tenaciously. I never use information I can’t verify and I always endeavour to use credible, original sources.


    Your blogs will be clearly written, concise and easy to digest, while still being on-brand. And I don’t waste words on waffle, so they’ll always be packed with value.


    I write for your human audience and optimise for SEO. So your content will be a joy to read, and search-engine-friendly.


    Whatever your industry or sector, I can always find something to write about that will keep your audience engaged.

Number of articlesBundle price

Blog article bundles.

Regularly posting blog articles can help to accelerate, improve or maintain the organic reach of your website.

If you need blog writing services on a regular basis, your business might be suitable for a blog article bundle.

These offer an easy and affordable way to keep your blog regularly updated with fresh, original, high quality content.


Your bundle will include a complimentary content plan, devised specifically for your business.

You can specify the subjects you want to include, or leave it to me.

Each article will be around 600 words in length and will be supplied with Search-Engine-Optimised titles and headings.


  • Subject to suitability*
  • Subject to an agreed content plan and delivery schedule
  • Includes one round of complimentary revisions
  • Upfront payment of full bundle cost.

*If your business is very niche or specialised, this service may not be suitable for you, but I may still be able to help. Drop me a message to find out more.

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Do you need quality content?

If you need high quality content for your blog, or other publication, why not get in touch and see how I can help? The contact form below is a great way to:

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