What is SEO copywriting?

Your website won’t work for you if no one can find it.

This is why you need Search-Engine-Optimised copy — or SEO copy for short.

SEO copy is primed with key words and phrases that match the search terms your customers are using to search for you online.

By having your copy optimised correctly, your website is more likely to rank better and draw higher quality traffic.

To achieve this you need an accomplished SEO copywriter.

I need SEO copy

Why choose me as your website copywriter?

I specialise in writing effective SEO copy for websites and blogs.

Prices start from £120 per web page.


When you hire me, your project will benefit from one of the best and most reliable keyword research tools available. This premium application has helped me achieve amazing organic results for many delighted clients. And it could do the same for you.


Of course, any tool is only as good as the person using it. That’s why I also offer 10 years’ SEO copywriting experience, supported by ongoing training in best practice and the latest, most effective techniques.

Your SEO copy will be primed with high performing keywords and will include all the components you need to help your customers find you online.

It will be written using natural language, as favoured by Google’s algorithm, which is key to achieving a higher organic ranking.

Best of all, it will be informative, engaging and a pleasure to read — because nobody wants to read a website written purely for machines.


Your website will have the right amount of content and the optimum number of pages. It will be easy to use and navigate.

Your content will be keyword-rich and searchable. It will be organised sensibly and logically, so your users can find things quickly.

The navigation will be intuitive, pointing users in the right direction — with clear calls to action for making purchases and enquiries.