About SEO copywriting

If you’re putting a website online, you want the search engines to list it so your ideal customers can find it.

Search-Engine-Optimised copy — or SEO copy for short — is designed to do just that. It’s primed with key words and phrases that match what your customers are using to search for your business online.

Many businesses that use SEO copy find they don’t need to pay for advertising because the SEO brings in visitors organically.

I need SEO copy

A skilled website copywriter

I’ve been writing effective SEO copy for more than a decade. Helping clients to create websites that rank on the search engines and generate new business.

Equipped for success

When you hire me as your website copywriter, your project will benefit from one of the best and most reliable keyword research tools available. This premium application has helped me achieve amazing organic results for many delighted clients. And it could do the same for you.

Proficient in SEO

Of course, any tool is only as good as the person using it. That’s why I also offer 10+ years’ SEO copywriting experience, supported by ongoing training in best practice.

Your SEO copy will be primed with high performing keywords and will include all the components you need to help your customers find you online.

It will be written using natural language, as favoured by Google’s algorithm, which is key to achieving a higher organic ranking.

Best of all, it will be written specially to appeal to your ideal customers — because nobody wants to read a website written purely for machines.

I need SEO copy

What goes into your website copy?

If I write your website copy from scratch, I’ll carry out several different forms of research to make sure it hits the right spot.

Site assessment

I’ll start by looking at your existing website, if you have one. This will help me to see how it’s performing and what keywords you’re already ranking for, so I don’t disturb what’s already working for you.

Customer research

I’ll research your ideal customers online to see what they’re looking for, what they care about and what they most want from you. I’ll then use this research to create copy that speaks to them using their language.

Competitor research

What are your competitors’ websites like? What are they ranking for? How can we make your website better and more effective? These are just some of the questions I’ll be asking when I carry out this portion of the research.

Page research

For each page of your website, I’ll do the necessary industry research. This helps me to understand the subject and the terminology I’m using so I can write clearly and confidently.

SEO keyword research

When I’ve completed all of this research, I’ll have generated a comprehensive list of terms and phrases to look up. I’ll then use my keyword research tool to analyse their performance and decide on the ones to use to get you the best results.

SEO website copy pricing

My fully search-engine-optimised web copy, includes all on-page copy, plus unique page titles, meta descriptions and heading tags for each page.

The copy will be compelling, persuasive and clearly written, using your brand voice.

Prices start from £300 per page.

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