Bird with a pencil

In case you were wondering, this is Wordy Birdy: my brand mascot.

In 2008 I took my first trip abroad, to the fabulous city of Barcelona.

It was my friend’s hen party and we were on the top floor of a nightclub. It was loud and full of people dancing.

I was standing on the sidelines when a man approached me and said something we still laugh about to this day: “You look like the kind of bird who always carries a pencil.”

The funny thing was, he was right! As a copywriter, you never know when inspiration will strike — so it pays to be able to jot things down.

I use my smartphone for notes on the move these days, but, at heart, I’ll always be a bird who carries a pencil.

I’m a copywriter on a mission: To help businesses create communications that count and to fix ineffective copy that isn’t doing its job.

Jenny Lucas Copywriter

When you work with me, you’ll get:

  • A highly skilled wordsmith, who’s been writing professionally since 2000
  • A versatile copywriter, who’s written about everything, from airports to zombies
  • An objective outsider who’ll see your business with fresh eyes and new perspective
  • A candid, results-driven collaborator who genuinely cares about your business
  • A perfectionist who takes great pride in her work and always delivers on time.

Why choose to work with me?

  • You want results

    You want more than just “any old words” to fill an empty space. You need your words to have an effect, to make a difference and to translate into engagement, enquiries and money in the bank.

    I write intelligent, strategic copy that inspires your readers to take action and works hard to get you those results.

  • You want more customers

    You want to widen your influence and/or expand your market. You need a writer who can take your complex issue, idea or proposition and explain it clearly and simply, so more people can understand it.

    I’m a natural writer who has spent more than a decade translating complex issues and regulations into concise, simple copy that reads easily and makes good sense.

  • You want a trusted partner

    You want to work with someone who’s invested in your success. Someone who’s genuine, honest and helpful — and who always has your best interests at heart.

    I’m an open and unbiased collaborator with an honest, straight-talking approach my clients find refreshing. I’ll always tell you the truth and I’ll never present a problem without a practical solution or suggestion.

  • You want a creative companion

    You need creative input to take your communications to the next level.

    My background is in design and marketing. This includes 12 years as a conceptual copywriter, developing concepts and copy for visual communications and campaigns.

    I can help with creative contributions, picture research, marketing initiatives and new ideas to add more value to your business.

  • You want to work with an environmentally and socially responsible business

    I’m always looking for ways to improve and give back. In 2018, I went paperless in a bid to cut my use of consumables and eliminate unnecessary waste. I donate 5 hours of my time every month to help charities with their copy, content and campaigns.

What others say about me

  • Reliable, competent and creative
  • I'll definitely use Jenny's friendly and reliable service again
  • A thorough, professional website audit
  • Jenny is fantastic!
  • I am always impressed by the level of research she does
  • I am more than happy to recommend her work

“I represented in Germany for 1 year the company that Jenny worked for. During that time Jenny proved to be a very reliable, competent and creative member of the HQ in the UK. It was always a joy to read the monthly posters she and her team had created. I can recommend her and wish her every success in the future.”

Mark Hindley,

formerly of Kodiak Industrial Ltd

“Jenny is extremely approachable and professional. She understood my brief and was patient and flexible. She took the original words and transformed them into grammar-correct, keyword-rich content that was very easy to read. 

“I’ll definitely use Jenny’s friendly and reliable service again when needed and am happy to recommend her to all my web design clients too.”

Petros Tsinontas,

Glofish Web Design

“If you want a thorough, professional website audit which will not only highlight areas for improvement but also identify hotspots so that you can convert leads into sales, then I highly recommend Jenny.

“If you want to hire someone experienced, friendly, and super professional who will provide you with lots of value and help boost your website performance, you are in the right place.”

Eleanor Goold,

Founder of The Utterly Compelling Academy

Jenny is fantastic! She always goes over and above with any brief, delivering content that is relevant, targeted and creative in approach — all within tight timeframes.ere

Kevin Clarke,

Tassell Design

“I started to work with Jenny when we decided to re-launch and needed to refresh the copy across the entire website. 

“Jenny’s approach was very thorough, taking the time to understand our product range and their individual USPs. The website has benefited greatly from her input. 

“We’ve since engaged her again for ongoing contributions to the blog and I am always impressed by the level of research she does for each article.”

Lee Harries,

Roof Maker Ltd

I’ve commissioned Jenny twice now and could not be more satisfied with the quality and efficiency of her work. She has reviewed, edited and looked at the SEO of two of my websites and both have benefited from her input. 

Whilst I’m a reasonable writer, having a specialist pair of eyes on my work is really valuable. Jenny has caught errors, made intelligent suggestions and expertly shifted my content to be much more attractive to both my audience and the search engines. 

Jenny clearly takes pride in her work and cares about her clients’ needs. I am more than happy to recommend her work.

Alexis Hutson,

Coaching Doctors
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