Bird with a pencil

What’s with the pencil?

It’s for safety.

When I’m working on a project, my brain turns into a Catherine Wheel: fizzing, popping and shooting out sparks of brilliance.

The pencil helps me catch them, so they don’t set fire to the curtains.

A mind like a firework, bursting with ideas, is just one of my talents. I’m also a results-driven problem solver. Imaginative, analytical and relentless.

Is your website working hard for your business?

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Like Stella Artois, you’ll find I’m reassuringly expensive.

I’m a creative copywriter, website specialist and content expert who’s been whipping up wordy wizardry for websites, blogs and creative campaigns since 2007.

Jenny Lucas Copywriter

A bit about me...

Writing was all I ever wanted to do — until the snoozefest that was A’ Level English went and ruined it for me.

For a while, I worked in graphic design and marketing, but employers always spotted my rhetorical mastery and gave me writing jobs to do. And eventually I decided to go and be a copywriter.

In 2005 I got my first official copywriting role, as a conceptual copywriter for a workplace poster company.

I started Jenny Lucas Copywriting in 2011. Initially it was a way to earn some extra money, but in 2017 it became my full-time job.

I now live and work on a farm in the Leicestershire countryside with an evil genius, an eager digger, and a clown. AKA my farmer fiancé and two little terrors — sorry, terriers. I’ll let you decide which one’s which.

I’m a fan of dark humour, Irvine Welsh, hip-hop and dance music. And I love an ice-cold negroni — punchy and bitter, like me! Just kidding.

Why choose to work with me?

  • You want results

    You want more than just “any old words” to fill an empty space. You need your words to have an effect, to make a difference and to translate into engagement, enquiries and money in the bank.

    I write intelligent, strategic copy that inspires your readers to take action and works hard to get you those results.

  • You want more customers

    You want to widen your influence and/or expand your market. You need a writer who can take your complex issue, idea or proposition and explain it clearly and simply, so more people can understand it.

    I’m a natural writer who has spent more than a decade translating complex issues and regulations into concise, simple copy that reads easily and makes good sense.

  • You want a trusted partner

    You want to work with someone who’s invested in your success. Someone who’s genuine, honest and helpful — and who always has your best interests at heart.

    I’m an open and unbiased collaborator with an honest, straight-talking approach my clients find refreshing. I’ll always tell you the truth and I’ll never present a problem without a practical solution or suggestion.

  • You want a creative companion

    You need creative input to take your communications to the next level.

    My background is in design and marketing. This includes 12 years as a conceptual copywriter, developing concepts and copy for visual communications and campaigns.

    I can help with creative contributions, picture research, marketing initiatives and new ideas to add more value to your business.

  • You want a specialist in SEO

    You need web copy or blog content that helps you get found on Google and brings the right kind of traffic to your website.

    I’ve been writing high-performing SEO website copy and blog content for more than 12 years.

    I can help with keyword research, customer research, SEO site plans, design suggestions and formatting cues.

What others say about me

  • Jenny is an absolute treasure and I cannot recommend her enough.
  • Jenny is the consummate professional
  • She is a very generous soul, and great value for money
  • Jenny is easy to work with, thorough and has great ideas
  • I cannot recommend Jenny Lucas Copywriting enough
  • Jenny is an ace copywriter
  • Highly organised and attentive to details
  • Made my message clearer and more professional
  • I highly recommend Jenny for your copywriting needs

Jenny is an absolute treasure and I cannot recommend her enough. My business is very niche, I teach emotional education, but Jenny just got it, and produced copy as though she had read my mind. She is also friendly, warm, and above all helpful and professional. I’d give her 10 stars if I could.

Rebecca D’Amato,

The Academy of Emotional Education

Jenny is the consummate professional. She’s able to turn woolly, loose briefs into excellent work. Without her, I’d be tearing my hair out trying to cobble things together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any writing work.

Ryan Fuller,


I asked Jenny to help me with keyword research for my flagging website – SEO is something I find very intimidating. Not only did she make it feel super simple (I left it all in her capable hands), she also provided SO much more value than what I paid for, answering questions, giving tips, and providing keywords for future blog posts to help my site even more. She is a very generous soul, and great value for money. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Rowan Martin,

Rowan Martin Copywriting

I used Jenny for the copy on my website. Jenny is easy to work with, thorough and has great ideas. Jenny understood the tone and messaging I wanted for my business really quickly. Jenny worked within the timescales given and I am really pleased with the work. I plan to use Jenny in the future and have no hesitation with recommending her.

Hayley Kooner,

Hayley Kooner Beauty

The project I worked with Jenny on was for a brochure of high end bathroom products. The brochure required copy for new products and also needed proofing.

Throughout the project Jenny was easy to reach and kept great levels of communication. Jenny was very thorough and absorbed a fantastic understanding of the products she was writing about.

I was extremely happy with the final results and the final copy sat perfectly in the brochure, highlighting the new product’s features and USPs. I cannot recommend Jenny Lucas Copywriting enough, a solid and professional service.

Robert Ellis,


Jenny is an ace copywriter. She completely re-wrote my website copy a few months ago, after performing exhaustive keyword research. She optimised the copy for the search engines and advised me on the value of blogging.

She did an excellent job, and if you’re looking for help with your web copy, you should check her out.

Leslie Popham,

Regis Publishing

Jenny’s one of the most hard-working and professional human beings we had the pleasure to collaborate with. For us one of the main points we looked at was someone who connected with us on a human level. She is patient, highly trained and skilled in SEO & Copywriting.

She wrote our full website ( Sept 2020) she performed keyword research, researched the customer personas, our competitors and even created a survey in order to investigate the market so she could write a perfectly crafter SEO web copy. She also helped us to write the case studies and organise the full website from a UX point of view. She is currently helping us with blog writing for our translation agency.

We could not have found someone better. Highly organised and attentive to details. She will chase you and ask for feedback so carefully and in such a specific way that she’ll get the necessary information about you and your business through the use of specific questions tailored to you.

Guess who we will use from now on? Jenny! We’ve been collaborating with her for over 1.5 years. We felt and still feel that she is the only one who can really understand not only your business needs but also you as a business owner and take your visions and transform them into nice words specifically for your audience. We are truly honoured to count with her professional help. We struggled to find someone who could help us until she showed personal interest. Thank you Jenny.

Mariona Bolohan,


Jenny helped take the copy on my company website to the next level – she took the time to understand my business, and made my message clearer and more professional. I’ll definitely be using Jenny’s services again in the future and highly recommend her.

Elliott Stevens,

Rapid Business Systems

Jenny is a joy to work with. I hired her to do copywriting for some of my clients and I found that her work was top-notch. She thoroughly researches the topic and asks really good questions when something isn’t clear.

Jenny always brings her creative flair to her work which means that the copy is always fresh. Jenny is a perfectionist and can spot things most people can’t. Her knowledge of SEO really makes the whole process of working together that much easier. I highly recommend Jenny for your copywriting needs.

Sonia Rosenblatt,

Savvy SEO
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