How’s your web copy performing?

Is it working hard to get you the results you need?

Or is it merely lounging on your page, watching the world — and your potential customers — go by?

5 Signs your web copy may not be working hard enough

  1. You have a healthy audience, but little engagement
  2. Your copy is not translating into sales or conversions
  3. You’re spending valuable time explaining things or clarifying misunderstandings
  4. You’re spending too much time and money on rework
  5. Your website is not getting the volume of visitors you think it should.

10 Things that could be wrong

1. Your copy is not getting your readers’ attention

  • Look at your headlines — do they grab you and convince you to read?
  • Look at your headings — do they draw you in and keep you reading?
  • Look at your content — is it written in an engaging way?

2. Your copy doesn’t encompass the full extent of your market

  • Are you narrowing your market by being too niche?
  • Do you use a lot of tech terms or jargon that could bamboozle someone outside your industry?
  • If your language and approach were more inclusive could you attract a wider clientele? 

3. Your copy is not speaking to your readers effectively

  • Does your copy use the right language and tone for your market?
  • Does it focus on you rather than your customer?
  • Does it focus on the features of your product/service rather than the benefits?
  • Is it littered with errors that are turning prospective customers away?

4. Your copy is a one-way street

  • Are you encouraging engagement?
  • Have you written a monologue rather than copy that will start a dialogue?
  • You can increase engagement by involving your readers more, for example, by asking questions, actively requesting feedback and inviting suggestions 
  • Show you’re listening and make your audience feel valued by answering questions, responding to feedback and acting on the best suggestions.

Your copy isn’t advertising some of the most important things you offer

  • Does your copy highlight all the ways you can help your readers?
  • Don’t rely on people asking if you offer something — if they need it and you don’t advertise it, they are likely to go elsewhere.

6. Your copy is not current or relevant

  • Is your copy and subject matter on-brand and on-topic?
  • Does your copy have its finger on the pulse, or is it late to the party?
  • Are you talking about things your audience is interested in right now?
  • Could you think even further ahead to the ideas, innovations and issues of tomorrow?

7. Your copy waffles too much or doesn’t get to the point quickly enough

  • People are often short of time and they get bored easily
  • Too much information can be overwhelming, so keep your communications focused and simple
  • Keep your copy concise and make sure every sentence makes a point
  • If you’re in doubt, make your main point first, then follow up on it.

8. Your copy is confusing or ambiguous

  • Does your copy say what you think it does?
  • Could it be interpreted in a different way?
  • If a potential customer doesn’t feel certain, they may walk away — so make sure it’s crystal clear.

9. Your copy is difficult to read

  • Divide large chunks of text into paragraphs
  • Keep your sentences short and clear
  • Use simple terms the average person will understand without needing a dictionary. 

10. Your website SEO isn’t implemented properly or your keywords need updating

  • Have you had your copy checked by someone who understands Search Engine Optimisation?
  • If you haven’t and your website is not getting much traffic, this could be the reason.

Do you need some help to kick your website into action?

If your website isn’t generating the revenue you hoped it would, your web copy is just one of the things that could be wrong.

I’m Jenny Lucas, a freelance copywriter and website auditor based in Leicester, UK.

I offer a comprehensive audit that will help determine what those problems are and give you the advice you need to fix them.

To find out more, or book an audit, you can send me a message using the form on my contact page.

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