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Something to think about…

First thing’s first — I’m not a cheap copywriter.

If that’s what you were looking for, sorry to disappoint you.

But before you go, just think about this for a minute…

I’m a copywriter who knows how to make my writing rank on Google — it’s how I brought you to this article. And I’m a copywriter who knows how to engage an audience, which is why you’re still reading this.

And if you keep reading a little longer, I’ll tell you why using cheap copy could be like burning your money and scorching your business.

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Marketing a business can be expensive

There’s the strategy, the website, the social media, the paid advertising, the video production,…

The list goes on and on. The outlay keeps getting bigger and bigger. And everything needs a professional — with professional skills and professional equipment you don’t have yourself.

So it’s only natural, you might be looking for ways to economise and save yourself some money.

But is hiring a cheap copywriter really the right way to do that?

Why do you want a cheap copywriter?

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal with writing?

Anyone can sit in front of a computer and fill the screen with words. AI can do it in seconds. It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take long, so why would I pay more than I have to?

And that could be a fair point.

If all you’re looking for is words to fill a space, then any old words written by anyone or AI will do that.

But what if you want words that will actually work for you?

What if you want words that will build brand awareness and trust, communicate effectively with your ideal customers — and make you more sales and more money?

Wouldn’t those kinds of words be worth something to you?

Good copywriting is not just words

Contrary to what some might believe, we copywriters don’t just sit at our computers and write. I mean, we could do that, but our words would have no goal, strategy or intent.

A page of words might be what we deliver, but the value is what goes into those words. It’s the research, ideas, development, and expertise.

And it’s not just any old words, it’s the right words. Words that will resonate with your target audience, build their trust and convince them yours is the company they want to buy from.

Good copywriting is an investment

If you’re looking for a cheap copywriter because it will cost you less, you’re only thinking about the outlay.

The truth is, good copywriting is an investment rather than a cost. And although there will be an initial outlay, there will also be returns.

Good copy can pay for itself many times over, so you’ll recoup your investment and much more besides.

You have to spend money to make money as the experts always say.

Cheap copywriters are cheap for a reason

They could be cheap for a number of reasons, actually.

Let’s look at some of those.

Cheap copywriters may lack experience

One of the reasons a copywriter might charge a low rate is because they’re just starting out and they don’t have the experience.

Fair enough, right? I mean, we all have to start somewhere.

If they’re working with agencies or clients that can support and mentor them as beginners, that will give them a good start.

But if they’re working alone, directly with clients and with no supervision, their lack of experience can result in copy that doesn’t engage or resonate with your prospects — and doesn’t convert them into new customers.

Cheap copywriters work on volume

Cheap copywriters focus on quantity rather than quality. They have to. Because when you charge so little, you have to take on more jobs and turn them around faster to make up your money.

Image by Tara Winstead from Pexels

If a cheap copywriter is giving each of those projects the time it needs, they’ll be working around the clock and looking a bit like this poor, overworked person!

But, let’s face it, they’re probably not.

Cheap copywriters cut corners

When a copywriter is having to churn out such a high number of projects, they don’t have time to give each project the care, attention and dedication it deserves. So it’s likely they’ll be cutting corners to meet their deadlines.

That might be skimping on the research, not paying sufficient attention to detail — and maybe even using AI or ripping off other writers.

This kind of corner-cutting can result in copy that’s:

  • Generic and unoriginal
  • Wordy and unrefined
  • Lacking in clarity and specificity
  • Littered with typos and errors
  • Filled with extraneous detail.

The point is, when the quality of your copywriter’s work suffers, your results will suffer, too.

Cheap copywriters aren’t focused on results

Good copywriters put all their efforts into writing copy that will generate results.

Their research is careful and comprehensive. Their ideas are distilled, developed and well-defined. Their messages are clear, concise, credible and convincing.

All of this is effective — but it takes time. And time is something a cheap copywriter just doesn’t have.

A cheap copywriter’s only USP is low price

There are lots of ways we copywriters can give value to our clients.

For example, we might have a specialist market, subject, service, deliverable or style. We might have developed a unique and tantalising offer that sets us apart. Or we might have achieved excellence, with demonstrable and impressive results in a particular field.

A copywriter who’s competing on price alone is showing they have no other value proposition and there’s no other, more compelling reason to hire them.

Think AI is different?

Image by Geralt at Pixabay

I’ve heard so many people singing AI’s praises. They’re impressed by how well it writes, how fast it writes — and ChatGPT is free! Does it get any better than that?

Err.. well you might want to consider these points before you start using it for everything.

AI sounds like… AI

AI uses a lot of big words and fancy prose. You might think that’s making you sound professional and sophisticated, but it really just sounds like AI. And AI shrieks that it’s AI.


Because the word-use and phrasing sound contrived and can even border on nonsensical. AI isn’t a writer, it’s a regurgitator of other people’s content. It has no understanding of what it’s “writing”, which is why it sometimes bizarre or makes no sense. And it seems it often visits the same sources, using the same words and repeating the same tired phrases.

Your customers don’t want to read something that’s cobbled together by AI. They deserve better. Something that’s human and genuine, something that makes them feel confident they’ll be understood and taken care of.

But AI won’t give them that — only you can give them that.

AI will never sound like you. But you will sound like every other business that’s using it.

AI copy is generic

AI is a computer, trained to assemble words by following an algorithm. An algorithm is a fixed process a computer has to follow to deliver a result — and it will follow that same process every time someone asks it to do something. That’s how it “writes” so quickly.

It’s also why everyone who types in a similar command string will get the same generic result.

Imagine that’s you and some of your closest competitors. What’s going to set you apart if you all sound the same and say the same thing?

AI will struggle to make the right connection

AI might sound human and confident in its assertions, but this is all just a façade. Because what’s underneath is definitely not human and doesn’t have the human understanding, cultural awareness or emotional intelligence to make a genuine connection with your audience.

AI confidently spouts made up nonsense and its copy doesn’t hit the right note.

AI is not the answer

And if you need more convincing, here are 17 Reasons NOT to rely on AI writers for your business copywriting >>

Cheap copywriters can cost your business

Remember when I said that good copy is not a cost, but an investment that will pay for itself?

Well, cheap copy that doesn’t work will come at a cost.

It will cost you money

If you’re paying for cheap copy that doesn’t work, you may as well burn your money — because you’ll never see it again.

It will cost you sales

If your copy doesn’t work, it’s not just the cost of the copywriting you’ll be losing. It’s the potential to engage new prospects, win new business and find new opportunities.

It could cost you your reputation

Badly written copy can make you look unprofessional and make your prospects feel you don’t understand them. If this tarnishes your brand, credibility and reputation, it can be difficult and expensive to recover from.

In conclusion

Hiring cheap copywriters and other creatives can be a false economy and there’s a genuine risk that it will end up costing you more in the long run.

So you need to ask yourself: is the money you think you’ll save worth the cost of losing prospects, leads, business, and credibility?

And if it isn’t, maybe have a rethink on that.

Still looking for a cheap copywriter?

If you’ve read this far and you’re still thinking a cheap copywriter would be the best option for your business, I’m probably not going to persuade you otherwise.

Or are you ready to invest?

If, on the other hand, this article has changed your mind and helped you see the value good copy could have for your business, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Jenny Lucas, a freelance copywriter and content writer, based in Leicester, UK.

I specialise in writing strategic SEO copy and content, for websites and blog articles that rank well on Google and convert web traffic into sales and enquiries.

Not what you need?

I write other things, too, so I may still be able to help.

If I can’t help you myself, I’m connected to a whole network of copywriters. And I’ll happily put you in touch with someone who can. To find out more about me or get in touch about a project, please head over to my main website.

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