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This pick ‘n’ mix guide is packed with inspiration and ideas for your marketing efforts over the spring period, from March to May 2023.

For each month, I’ve prepared an event calendar, which might inspire a post, promotion or tie-in. I’ve included links where possible, so you’ll find all the information you need, including themes and full event details.

Please double-check the 2023 dates and that the events are still going ahead before you invest time and money on marketing.

There are also three seasonal content themes for each month, which you should be able to adapt for your brand and your audience.

Remember, your content should be about helping rather than selling, so make sure it’s customer-focused with a clear What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).

This will be an evolving post that I plan to return to and update every year. For advance notification of updates, make sure you’re following me on LinkedIn.

If you need more ideas, you’ll find plenty in my blog post:
101 Blog post ideas to benefit your business.

*Denotes events held on the same dates every year.

Content ideas for March 2023

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

March 2023 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — National Bed Month (UK)
1st* — Brain Tumour Awareness Month (UK), TBC
1st* — Endometriosis Awareness Month, 1 in 10 Challenge (UK)
1st*— Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal Month (UK)
1st* — March for Migraine (UK)
1st* — Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Walk All Over Cancer Month (UK)

Week-long events

5th — World Glaucoma Week, TBC
5th — No More Week, against domestic abuse
5th — 80 years since the first flight of the Gloster Meteor jet in the UK
6th — British Pie Week, TBC
6th — National Butchers’ Week (UK)
6th — National Careers Week (UK)
6th — National Feet Week, TBC
10th — British Science Week
13th — Healthcare Science Week
13th — Neurodiversity Celebration Week (UK)
13th — International Nutrition Hydration Week
17th — English Tourism Week
17th — 50 years since Queen Elizabeth II opened the new London Bridge
20th — National Complementary Therapy Week (UK)
20th — Debt Awareness Week (UK), TBC
20th — Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel
24th — The Great British Spring Clean, TBC
25th — 5 years since the first direct flight from Australia to the UK
26th — 50 years since women were first admitted to the London Stock Exchange
27th — World Autism Acceptance Week


1st* — Self Injury Awareness Day
1st* — St David’s Day
1st* — Zero Discrimination Day
2nd — University Mental Health Day (UK)
3rd* — World Hearing Day
3rd* — World Wildlife Day
4th* — World Book Day
4th* — World Obesity Day
5th* — St Piran’s Day
8th — Holi, Hindu festival of colours
8th* — International Women’s Day
8th* — National Proofreading Day
9th — Crufts (UK)
9th — World Kidney Day
9th — International School Meals Day
15th — Young Carers’ Action Day (UK)
17th* — St Patrick’s Day
17th — Red Nose Day, for Comic Relief (UK)
17th — World Sleep Day
18th* — Global Recycling Day
19th — Mother’s Day (UK)
20th* — International Day of Happiness
20th* — Spring Equinox, First Day of Spring (UK)
20th* — World Oral Health Day
21st* — World Down Syndrome Day
21st* — International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21st* — International Day of Forests
21st* — World Poetry Day
22nd* — World Water Day
23rd* — World Meteorological Day
25th — Earth Hour, 8.30pm
25th* — International Waffle Day
26th — Purple Day, for Epilepsy
26th — British Summertime Begins
30th* — World Bi-Polar Day
31st* — International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 2023 content ideas

1. National Careers Week

National Careers Week runs from March 6–13, 2023.

You can use it as an opportunity to write an inspiring post about your career and how you got where you are today, or about careers and opportunities in your industry. Some of the things you can talk about include:

  • What your job is like and what you do in a typical day
  • How you help people
  • Where you find the most job satisfaction
  • What experience and qualifications you need
  • What the main challenges are
  • How to get started in your career.

2. Season change

In March, the season changes from winter to spring and nature starts coming back to life with new leaves, blossoms and flowers. So it’s a good time to talk about change — particularly inspirational and positive change.

Obviously, you can talk about positive changes you’re making in your business. But you can also inspire your audience to change something by showing them how to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Make their job better or easier
  • Bring about a personal change or development
  • Make a change in their business
  • Enjoy something new or practise something beneficial
  • Improve their mood, posture, health, sleep, diet
  • Style themselves, or their homes, gardens, workspaces
  • Create the best seasonal dishes.

3. British Summertime begins

You could write a Countdown to Summer looking at some of the goals your audience might want to achieve before summer arrives. Depending on your brand, they might include goals for their:

  • Fitness, body
  • Productivity, planning, preparation for time off
  • Holidays or short breaks
  • Summer wardrobe, summer fashions
  • Garden projects, planting, landscaping
  • Home projects, decorating conservatories, summer houses
  • Summer holiday guide, summer holiday essentials
  • Stay-at-home holiday ideas
  • Buyer guides for BBQs, garden furniture, lighting, tents, travel essentials.

Depending on your brand and the amount of material you have, this could be one or a series of articles counting down until the summer months.

Content ideas for April 2023

Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

April 2023 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — International Caesarean Awareness Month
1st* — IBS Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — International Parkinson’s Awareness Month
1st* — National Pet Month (UK)
1st* — Stress Awareness Month (UK)

Week+ long events

13th — Discover National Parks Fortnight (UK), Dates TBC
15th — International Dark Sky Week
22nd — Great British Beef Week, TBC
24th* — World Immunisation Week
24th — Allergy Awareness Week (UK), TBC
24th — Bake for Dementia Week, TBC
24th — Global Intergenerational Week (UK)
24th — MS Awareness Week (UK), TBC
30th — Preservation Week


1st* — April Fool’s Day
1st — 50 years since VAT was introduced in the UK
4th* — International Carrot Day
4th — 150 years since the Kennel Club was founded
5th* — Start of the new tax year
5th — 5 years since all UK companies with 250+ employees had to publish data about the pay differences between men and women
7th* — World Health Day
7th — Good Friday
9th — Easter Sunday
10th — Easter Monday
13th* — Songkran, Thailand
13th — 70 years since Ian Fleming published his first James Bond novel
15th — 75 years since Rowntree’s introduced the Polo Mint
21st* — National Tea Day (UK)
22nd* — International Mother Earth Day
23rd* — St George’s Day
23rd* — International English Language Day
23rd* — International World Book Night
23rd — Drive It Day, for historic vehicles (UK)
25th* — World Malaria Day
25th* — World Penguin Day
26th* — World Intellectual Property Day
26th — Stop Food Waste Day (UK)
28th — On Your Feet Britain, TBC
28th* — World Day for Safety and Health at Work
28th* — International Workers’ Memorial Day
29th* — International Dance Day
30th — Tour de Yorkshire, 2023 Event cancelled
30th* — International Jazz Day
30th — 75 years since the first LandRover was unveiled at the Amsterdam Motor Show

April 2023 content ideas

1. Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. So how can your business relieve your customers’ stress? Think about:

  • A helpful offer or initiative to run throughout the month
  • A productivity hack or how-to explanation
  • Ideas to make things quicker and easier
  • A time-saving download or idea
  • Some easy money-saving strategies
  • Stress-relieving activities or pursuits.

2. National Pet Month

Do you have an office pet? A dog, cat or something more unusual?

Having a pet in the office can improve the mood and reduce stress.

For National Pet Month, you could write a post on your office pet. Maybe an ‘A Day in the Life’ post with photographs.

This will give your audience a glimpse into your office life. And who doesn’t love pictures of cute and unusual pets?

3. Make time for a cuppa

National Tea Day takes place in April, so it’s a great month to have a cuppa and a chat. You could do an interview and write it up into a blog. Some ideas of who to interview or start a discussion with:

  • A client or customer who’s been getting the most out of your product/service
  • An expert in your industry to give insights and future predictions
  • Others working in your field and talking about common challenges or sharing ideas
  • A new employee to talk about what it’s like to work at your company or in your industry
  • Someone from a regulatory body that oversees your industry.

4. April showers

Showers are short bursts of rain that keep the ground watered to promote new springtime growth. You could tie this into a post on other effective things that can be done in short bursts, such as:

  • Cleaning, tidying and maintenance
  • Exercise, fitness, muscle-building
  • Preparation and planning
  • Breaking down large, time-consuming tasks
  • Creating short morning routines to keep on top of ongoing tasks.

Content ideas for May 2023

Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

May 2023 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — Local and Community History Month (UK)
1st* — Make May Purple/Action on Stroke Month (UK)
1st — ME Awareness Month (UK), TBC
1st* — National Share a Story Month (UK)
1st* — No Mow May (UK)
1st* — International Skin Cancer Awareness Month
1st* — National Walking Month (UK)
15th* — Tourettes Awareness Month, TBC
16th — National Smile Month (UK)

Week+ long events

1st — Time for a Cuppa Week, for Dementia UK
1st — Dying Matters Week (UK)
1st — National Gardening Week (UK), TBC
1st — Sun Awareness Week (UK)
2nd — Deaf Awareness Week (UK), TBC
6th — Red Cross Week
8th — International Coaching Week
8th — Coeliac Awareness Week (UK)
11th — ME Awareness Week (UK)
15th — Foster Care Fortnight (UK)
15th — Mental Health Awareness Week (UK)
15th — World Salt Awareness Week
15th — National Vegetarian Week (UK)
15th — Dementia Action Week (UK)
15th — Learning at Work Week (UK)
16th — Water Saving Week (UK), TBC
17th — English Wine Week, TBC
17th — English Tourism Week
27th — National Children’s Gardening Week (UK)
29th — National BBQ Week


2nd — World Asthma Day, TBC
4th* — Star Wars Day
4th* — Firefighters’ Memorial Day (UK)
4th — World Maternal Mental Health Day, TBC
5th* — International Day of the Midwife
5th* — Cinco de Mayo, Mexico
6th-8th — Coronation Big Lunch (UK)
7th — International Dawn Chorus Day, first Sunday of May
9th* — Europe Day
10th* — World Lupus Day
10th — World Poultry Day
11th* — International Eat What You Want Day
11th* — World Ego Awareness Day
12th* — International Nurses’ Day
12th* — National Limerick Day (UK)
12th* — World Fibromyalgia Day
12th — Pyjamarama (UK), TBC
13th — National Mills Weekend (UK)
13th — World Fair Trade Day
14th — National Children’s Day (UK)
15th — London Wine Fair
17th — World Hypertension Day
17th* — International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
18th*— International Museum Day
20th — National Doughnut Week, for The Children’s Trust
20th — World Whisky Day
21st* — International Tea Day
21st* — World Day for Cultural Diversity
22nd* — World Goth Day
23rd* — World Turtle Day
25th* — International Missing Children’s Day
28th — World Hunger Day
29th — World Digestive Health Day, TBC
29th* — Oak Apple Day (UK)
28th — Northumberland Day (UK), TBC
30th — 5 years since the first 3D printed human corneas were created
31st* — World No Tobacco Day

May 2023 content ideas

1. Warmer weather

The warmer weather gives us all a good reason to get outside and do some outdoor activities. Depending on your brand and content goals, here are some ideas of things you might write about:

  • Gardening: planting seeds, vegetable patch, flower tubs, borders
  • Exercise: walking, running, outdoor sports
  • Fashions for the warmer weather
  • Outdoor photography or video
  • Family activities: days out, things to do
  • Outdoor projects: building, renovating, installing, furnishing.

2. Share a story

May is National Share a Story Month in the UK, so why not share a story with your audience. Here are some ideas:

  • Your brand story
  • A client story or case study (with the client’s permission)
  • How you overcame your biggest challenge
  • A valuable lesson you learned
  • How you developed your best-selling product
  • A big mistake you made and how you recovered from it
  • How your product or service is helping customers
  • A made up story or allegory to explain something complex or to illustrate an important point.

3. Spring cleaning

Can you give your customers some ideas to ‘clean up’ what they’re doing? There are lots of themes you could use here, but here are some to get you started:

  • Environmental: recycling, non-polluting, energy saving
  • Streamlining: automating, improving productivity
  • Decluttering: storage solutions, stripping back, being more organised
  • Time-saving: making better use of their time
  • Improving their methods and techniques for getting things done.

Other posts in this series

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As many dates aren’t confirmed until close to the event, these posts will usually be updated a couple of months before each season starts.

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