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Content writers, like me, are always preaching about the need for consistency when you’re writing for your blog.

But writing solid content often needs a lot of meticulous research — and therefore takes a lot of time.

If you prefer to write your own content, or you’re not in a position to outsource, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain that level of consistency and quality. And you might, occasionally, need a blog post idea that will still give your readers the quality they expect, but will take you less time to write.

If that sounds like something you need, then read on, my friend. Because I have 100 of these quick, easy and effective ideas right here!

Draw from your experience

The experts always say “write about what you know” and, when you draw on your own experience, that’s exactly what you can do. These ideas are all already in your head, which means there’s no research required.

20 Storytelling blog post ideas

Tell a true story about something that’s happened to you or an experience you had. People love a good business story — especially one with a lesson or some good takeaways. These posts can be good for showing your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

Open book with story elements coming out of the pages
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay
  1. The career path you took to where you are now and how it shaped you
  2. The story of how and why you started your business
  3. The biggest mistake you ever made and what you learned from it
  4. A time you took a risk and what happened as a result
  5. Your biggest fear when starting your business and what the reality has been like
  6. When someone told you something wasn’t possible and you proved them wrong
  7. The best/worse advice you were ever given and the results/consequences of that
  8. The biggest challenge you’ve had so far in your business/career and how you overcame it
  9. The hardest lesson you’ve ever had to learn in your career
  10. A time when you did something out of your comfort zone and what you learned from it
  11. A success or achievement you had in your business and how you celebrated it
  12. Your biggest regret in your career/business and what you would do differently now
  13. The most challenging project you’ve taken on to help a customer and what happened
  14. The story behind your company name and the different elements of your brand
  15. Your greatest success/failure in business and what you learned from it
  16. A time when you couldn’t give a customer what they needed and why
  17. A personal story about what drives you and motivates you to succeed
  18. A story about adversity or misfortune in your business and how you overcame it
  19. A time when you achieved something amazing against all the odds
  20. The best/worst business decision you ever made and what happened as a result.

20 Blog post ideas inspired by your business

Posts about your business can show you’re serious and committed to ongoing improvement. These posts are also good for demonstrating Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

Business chart, coffee and laptop on desktop
Image by Lukas from Pixabay
  1. Your business plans for the near future and what’s in the pipeline
  2. A specific goal, ambition or aspiration you have and how you plan to achieve it
  3. A strategy you’ve been following in your business and how it’s been working for you
  4. The best investment you’ve made in your business or yourself and how it’s helped you
  5. The ways you use your business to give back to your community
  6. Talk about work you’ve outsourced and give a shoutout to the freelancer/agency who did it for you
  7. When you recognised a gap in the market and developed a product/service to fill it
  8. The business books you’ve read and the main takeaways from each one
  9. A problem you had in your business and the steps you took to resolve it
  10. The kind of customers you like to work with and why
  11. The kind of customers you prefer not to work with and why
  12. Talk about how your product/service can be adapted and used in different ways
  13. The business achievement you’re most proud of and what it means to you
  14. A course you went on and what you learned from it
  15. The charities/causes you support in your business and why they’re important to you
  16. The milestones you’ve reached in your business journey and what each one has meant to you
  17. Why you/your employees are so motivated to deliver and what customers can expect
  18. Write about your brand values and company mission
  19. Write a post for a business anniversary or a special day that’s relevant to your business
  20. Talk about an unexpected benefit of your product/service that prospects might not know.

Draw from your thoughts and beliefs

Talking about your thoughts, beliefs and opinions is a good way to build your Authority while also showing Expertise and Trustworthiness.

20 Opinion blog post ideas

We all have opinions. Sometimes they challenge the status quo, sometimes they initially seem controversial and sometimes they make a lot of sense. An opinion piece can set you apart and help you find your crowd.

Photo by dimas aditya on Unsplash
  1. How you feel about a new or forthcoming industry development, such as tech, engineering or Ai
  2. A post on what you learned working through a pandemic and what you think should have been done differently
  3. Write about where you stand on a controversial industry issue and explain your position
  4. What you feel others in your industry are getting wrong and how you do it differently
  5. Your hopes/fears/expectations for the future of your industry
  6. Why you’re glad you had a particular (possibly unpleasant) experience and how it changed you for the better
  7. What you see as the greatest strengths for businesses to have in your industry and why they’re important
  8. How you would approach being a customer in your industry — as advice for your prospects
  9. Talk about an industry best practice you don’t follow and why not
  10. The biggest mistake you see others making in your industry and what they should do instead
  11. A post about corner-cutting in your industry, how to spot the signs and how to protect yourself
  12. What still surprises/irritates/puzzles you about your industry and why
  13. Talk about an ethical or moral issue in your industry and where you stand on it
  14. What changes and improvements would you make in your industry and why
  15. What you see as the pitfalls and hazards for customers in your industry and how prospects can avoid them
  16. Write your response to a recent article/news story/issue and say how you feel about it
  17. Tell prospects about something they’re doing wrong and what they can do to help themselves instead
  18. What you see as the most essential elements of the product/service you’re offering and how they’re different
  19. Your thoughts on alternative solutions to what you’re offering and occasions where they might be more suitable
  20. A commonly held misconception in your industry, how it makes you feel and what you’re doing to challenge it.

Draw from your everyday work life

10 List blog post ideas

Lists posts are easy to write and people love reading them. These lists are all inspired by everyday activities, which should make them quick and easy to put together.

Open notepad with a fountain pen on a desktop
Image by Free Photos from Pixabay
  1. A countdown of the the productivity hacks you swear by and why they work for you
  2. Your top tips for achieving a certain result
  3. A list of the main considerations when buying your product or service
  4. A list of the questions you ask your clients/customers before you work with them
  5. The top 10 tools and apps you use in your business and how they help you
  6. A list of the most annoying management speak/jargon in your industry
  7. A countdown of your most-read blog posts with an introduction and link to each one
  8. A list of your top business book/magazine/blog recommendations and why you like them
  9. A 10-step guide that shows your prospects/customers how to do something
  10. Create a checklist your customers can use for setting up/using/planning/troubleshooting.

10 Blog post ideas to give insight

These blog post ideas give readers an insight into how you run your business.

Image by Tumisu at Pixabay
  1. Show the tools and processes you use every day in the running of your business
  2. Share a case study/transformation/result from a recent project
  3. Talk through your customer journey, from onboarding to delivery of your product/services
  4. Ways you’ve found to save time, energy or money over the last six months/year
  5. Show a detailed breakdown of one of your processes and explain how it all fits together
  6. A behind-the-scenes post looking at where and how you work — maybe focus on one department
  7. Alternative services you can offer, but maybe don’t promote as much
  8. Things you do to improve/maintain morale and motivation in your business
  9. A rundown of what you’ve been working on this month for your business
  10. A post on what it’s like to work with you/for you and what customers/employees can expect.

10 Personal blog post ideas

These ideas focus on your personal experience and approach as a professional person.

Businesswoman in brown leather chair with lights pointing at her
Image by Igor Link at Pixabay
  1. How you deal with procrastination/impostor syndrome/distractions
  2. How you’ve challenged yourself personally in your business
  3. The things that have surprised you most since you started your business
  4. What you most enjoy/don’t enjoy about running your business
  5. How you deal with criticism/negative feedback
  6. The things you wish you knew when you were starting out in business
  7. How you’ve improved your personal productivity
  8. What has been the biggest challenge for you personally and why
  9. How you maintain a healthy work-life balance and what you like to do outside work
  10. What you’re listening to, reading, watching, enjoying at the moment.

Draw from your imagination

Imaginative posts can be entertaining to read and are a good chance to show personality and humour.

10 Creative blog post ideas

If you have a good imagination, these blog post ideas should be easy to write.

'Create’ spelled out in artistic letters
Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels
  1. Which fictional characters would make great employees in your company and why?
  2. What futuristic tech or engineering innovations would you like to see in your industry
  3. Write about your perfect day at work and what that would include
  4. If your brand were a superhero what skills and powers would it have?
  5. The creative websites and resources where you always find inspiration and new ideas
  6. Imagine what your industry might look like in 50 years and what the major changes could be
  7. What famous person/film character would be your ideal customer and why?
  8. Your process for coming up with new ideas and the different stages you go through
  9. If your brand were a famous person, sandwich, animal, location, outfit, biscuit, cocktail what would it be?
  10. Imagine what your workplace of the future might look like and what you’d like to see in it.

+1 that’s always quick!

If you don’t have time to develop a new idea, you can always update one of your old blog posts and republish that.

Looking to outsource your content writing?

I’m Jenny Lucas, a freelance content writer based in Leicester, UK — and, as you can see, I’m full of good ideas!

Having helpful content on your website is a huge boost for your business, bringing in new traffic and giving you more opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

But maybe, like lots of other business owners, you’re not sure what to write about or you find it a challenge to come up with new ideas. Perhaps writing just isn’t your thing or the SEO side has you befuddled. Or maybe it’s just another thing on your already full to-do list and you don’t have the time or inclination to make it happen.

Whatever your reason for not writing a blog, I can help. With three carefully thought-out packages that will give you the support you need where you need it most. Whether that’s content planning, SEO, the writing itself or all three.

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