What is a landing page?

A landing page is the web page you land on when you click on a link from another web page or email.

The link could be from a Google search, another web page, a marketing email or an online advert.

The landing page could be a home page, an information page, an offer page or a product page. 

The page could be designed to give people information, convert warm leads into customers or turn products into sales.

What a landing page is not

A landing page is not just a random page of your website. It needs to perform a specific function and fulfil a clear purpose. 

My top 3 tips for creating an effective landing page

1.  Make your link enticing

Your link should entice your reader to click by either:

  • Telling them you have exactly what they’re looking for (Google search)
  • Luring them with a great and unmissable offer or discount
  • Showing them something they will want to buy or sign up for. 

Note: If your link is in a Google search, it’s your meta description that will convince people to click.

Keep a record of all the links you’ve posted and where you’ve posted them. We’ll come back to this at the end of the article*.

2. Use good continuity

One of the first things your landing page needs to do is reassure your readers they have arrived on the right page. 

You can achieve this by making sure there is continuity between the original link and your landing page. In other words, by showing them what they should expect to see and displaying it right at the top of the page.

There are several elements that can follow through from the link to the landing page, most notably the headline and design:

  • Make the headline relevant and appropriate to the original link
  • Use matching design elements, such as colours, graphics and images
  • Incorporate trust signals, such as your logo, branding and https security status.

3. Pay attention to the page’s function

If your landing page is the home page of your website, make sure it’s well-branded and starts with a sentence or two to sum up what you do, in a nutshell. Make sure your home page content corresponds with the information in the page title and meta description shown in the Google search.

If your landing page is a sales or offer page, it will have one clear purpose: to convince people to sign up or buy something.

In this case, remove all other distractions from the page. It doesn’t need a navigation menu, contact details, social media buttons, site badges or anything else that will divert your readers’ attention from your sales message. 

All the page needs to display is the continuity elements I mentioned in tip 2, your sales copy and your call to action.

And 3 bonus tips…

1. Make sure your link goes to the right page

This sounds obvious, right?

I mean, surely no one would go to the trouble of creating a landing page then post a link to a completely different page.

Trust me, it happens. And I’ve seen it way too many times not to give it a mention here.

When you post the link, always test it before you publish it. 

2. Monitor your results

If your landing page is your home page, check your bounce rate. 

A high bounce rate is a sign that people are landing on your home page, but not sticking around to look at your other pages. They might not be finding what they’re looking for, or something else might be wrong.

If your offer or sales page isn’t getting clicked on, try tweaking your advert with a different image and/or headline.

If your offer or sales page is getting visitors but those visitors are not converting into customers, you need to look at your sales copy.

3. *Tidy up

Remember my note at the end of the very first point about keeping track of the links you posted?

If you’re running an offer for a limited time, it’s a good idea to make sure your landing page can’t be accessed after the offer expires. The best way to do this is to make sure all the links to it are removed.

Need some help with your landing page?

I’m a freelance copy and content writer based in Leicestershire, UK.

If you need help to create a landing page, or would like some help with an existing landing page that isn’t working, I can help.

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Image by: Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay