Yes, a freelance copywriter will save you time and money

You have an extraordinary business — and you want to shout about it. But when it comes to the writing, you keep drawing blanks. Nothing you write seems to say what you want it to say or sound the way you want it to sound.

Maybe your waste bin is filling up with empty words you know aren’t working. Maybe your cursor is blinking impatiently in the corner of a page of nothing.

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You know hiring a freelance copywriter will save you time — because this is taking you too long and you’re not getting anywhere.

And it should save you money, too. Because while you’re wasting all this time trying and failing to write, you’re not doing what you do best: the things that make money for your business.

But are these really the best reasons to hire a freelance copywriter?

Probably not.

Because, while working with a freelance copywriter will save you time and money, these aren’t the best reasons for hiring one.

Why you really need a freelance copywriter

There are many more compelling reasons to invest in a freelance copywriter and in this article, we’ll explore some of those.

You need clarity

You know the clarity of your message is vital. But when your thoughts are jumbled they can be hard to articulate clearly in words.

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A copywriter will be able to take your jumbled thoughts and express them in clear, concise, compelling words that will read well and make good sense. A clear and well-defined message will help your target audience to understand, so they’re in no doubt about what you’re offering, how it will help them, and why they need it.

You need objectivity

If you’re finding it difficult to write about your own business, it’s probably because you’re too close to it and you know too much.

Separating yourself from the business you’ve created and the industry you know so well isn’t easy.

And it means you might:

  • Find it hard to see your business from a prospect’s point of view
  • Lose sight of what’s most important to your prospects
  • Assume too much about what your prospects already know
  • Have difficulty when trying to simplify your explanations
  • Inadvertently use industry jargon or insider terminology.

You need a copywriter who has the objectivity to see your business from the outside, in the same way your prospects see it. Someone who can understand where your prospects are coming from and craft every element of your message in the best way for them to consume it.

You need simplicity

When you’re writing about your own business, it’s not always easy to distinguish between the important information that will sharpen your message and the extraneous details that will muddy it. Between what your prospects really need to know and what will bore, confuse or discourage them.

You need a copywriter who can distill your message to its most vital elements and, by doing so, give it the power to make an impression.

You need communications expertise

If you’re not a writer, your project will benefit from a writer’s expertise and way with words.

Copywriters are skilled communicators who understand how to communicate with different audiences. Using different tones and styles to craft messages that will resonate and have the desired effect.

You need a fresh perspective

As a business owner, working in your business every day, it’s easy to become blinkered. Over time, some of the most impressive, magical and surprising aspects of your business will become routine, everyday and unremarkable to you. But these could be the very qualities that will help to convert your prospects into paying customers.

You need a copywriter who will see these marketable characteristics, bring them to life for your audience, and use them to sell what you’re offering in the most effective way.

You need creativity

To make your business stand out in a crowded market, you need to apply some creativity. But you might not know how to do that.

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Maybe you don’t feel creativity is your strong point. Maybe you don’t know what would resonate with your audience. Or maybe you’re all out of ideas and need someone to help.

You need a copywriter who can do the research and develop the creative ideas that will work for your brand, inspire your audience, and deliver for your business.

Some of the creative ways a copywriter could help you include:

  • Developing fully formed creative concepts
  • Briefing other creatives to provide visuals/design
  • Devising brand names, taglines and straplines
  • Story development, storytelling and storyboarding
  • Using powerful descriptions to help your audience imagine.

You need to speak to everyone

Well, not literally everyone, but everyone in your market. And that might be more people than you first thought.

Because aside from the people who are ready to buy what you’re selling, there are the people who are not so aware or well-informed. These people will need educating before you can convert them.

You need a copywriter who can adapt your message for those different audiences, with expertly written blog articles that will give them the information they need and the confidence to buy from you.

You need a unified brand message

The strongest and most memorable brands deliver a clear and consistent message. And that core message runs through them like the words running through a stick of seaside rock.

And, yes, this image is supposed to be a stick of seaside rock!

Image created (badly) by Jenny Lucas

Your communications should stay true to your brand values, your brand’s purpose and what you stand for as a brand. And you need a copywriter who can bring your all that together, with a consistent message and a distinctive tone of voice that feels authentically and uniquely you.

You need your online content to show up on Google

If you want your audience to find your website, it needs to show up on Google, because this is where they’ll be looking for it. But writing a website that will find its way onto Google’s first page is a skill — and a skill most business owners don’t have.

What you need is an SEO copywriter who will write your website for you and optimise it for Google. The search engine optimisation (SEO) will help draw the right people to your website and the copy will give them everything they need to become paying customers.

If you need blog articles, an SEO content writer will write search-engine-optimised articles to give you a competitive advantage and the best chance of ranking highly.

You need a creative partner

Running a business can be lonely. Maybe you’re on your own or you’re working with others who aren’t detached enough from you or your business to give you a balanced opinion.

The right freelance copywriter could be a creative partner. Someone you can bounce ideas around with, who will give you objective, constructive, and honest feedback on those ideas, and who will help you develop them.

You also want to make money

You don’t just want to save money — you want to make money.

And the right copywriter will help you do that — giving you everything you need to succeed and saving you time and money.

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Looking for a freelance copywriter?

Now you understand the best reasons to invest in a freelance copywriter, are you ready to hire?

I’m Jenny Lucas, a freelance copywriter based in Leicester, at the heart of the UK.

I write clear, concise, and captivating copy for SMEs and specialise in copy for creative campaigns and high-performing SEO copy for websites and blogs. And I’ll help you unravel your jumbled thoughts and rediscover what’s great about your brand.

For more information check out the services tab on my main website or get in touch to tell me what you need.

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