Smart business owners get it

Smart business owners understand the difference between expenses and investments.

The difference between spending money on temporary fixes and building something valuable.

Between something that needs constant funding and something with the potential to sustain itself.

This is the difference between paying for advertising and investing in content.

Advertising is only ever temporary

Advertising only works while you’re funding it. The moment the funding stops, the ads stop too. And when the ads stop, so does your income.

Advertising is great for selling, but it doesn’t create value for your business in the long-term

Content does.

Why do smart business owners choose content?

First, let’s be clear about something: you don’t have to choose between advertising and content — unless, of course, you have limited funds and need immediate payback.

Some businesses use one or the other, but many use both. Advertising to generate reliable sales and content to drive web traffic.

Most content is not designed to sell. Its purpose is to inform, educate and inspire.

Which brings us to our first point.

Content benefits your audience

Your content should be written with your audience in mind.

So, think about the:

  • Questions they have and how you can answer them
  • Problems they have and how you can solve them
  • Help they need and the advice you can give them
  • Ideas they’re looking for and how you can inspire them.

Then create content that helps them and fulfils their needs. This is the kind of content your audience is actively looking for online — and it will bring them to your website.

Content draws traffic to your website

“If you build it, they will come.”

To create content that draws traffic to your website, you need to understand what your audience is searching for.

For example, they might be Googling things like:

  • How to fix a tap
  • How to make compost
  • Can my dog be vegan?
  • Why does my washing machine smell?
  • Which is the best sportswear brand?

Their searches will hook them up with the best content to answer their search query — and it could be yours.

Writing content allows you to widen your reach. You can rank for all kinds of keywords, including ones that might not be appropriate in your website copy. The more content you create, the more keywords you can rank for and the more leads you can pull in.

Content introduces new people to your brand

Each time your content attracts a new visitor to your website, this gives you an opportunity to introduce that person to your brand. This can be particularly good if your brand isn’t already on their radar and they’re discovering you for the first time.

Content builds a relationship with your audience

Let’s say a prospect has a problem and they want to find the best way to solve it. To do this, they’ll probably start by doing some research and by reading some content.

Your content doesn’t give them a sales pitch. It objectively shows them what their options are. It talks them through each one and recommends the best solution in each situation.

When you’re giving information and advice freely, impartially and without a sales agenda behind it, you’re giving your audience a positive experience. They’ll remember your brand as a credible expert and a trusted source of information. And this will give them the confidence to buy from you when they’re ready.

Content converts visitors into subscribers

If you write the kind of content that people like to read, they’ll often be happy to subscribe for more of it. So you give them the option to subscribe to your mailing list — and when they do, they become part of your audience.

Having those people in your audience means you’re no longer reliant on them visiting your website. You’ve brought them one step closer to you and you can now target them directly.

Content generates better quality leads

When you build a relationship with your audience rather than just selling to them, you also build confidence in your brand. This confidence can turn a cold lead into a warm one that’s better primed and more ready to buy.

Content creates a valuable resource

Unlike advertising, which can be here today and gone tomorrow, content sticks around.

You can keep it on your website for as long as it’s current and relevant. If it dates, you can update it. And if it becomes irrelevant, you can repurpose it.

While it’s on your website, content is a valuable resource for your leads. Using it, you can create a whole library of useful information and advice. This shows you care about your customers’ needs and want to help them.

Want to do something smart for your business today?

Investing in content could help you:

  • Improve your website’s SEO results
  • Build trust and confidence in your brand
  • Reach more of your target audience
  • Get better quality sales leads
  • Create more value for your website.

To find out more, visit the Content Writing page of my website, or get in touch to discuss your needs.