artis cinema


The clients are a Polish couple who specialise in producing spectacular professional wedding cinematography.

Their work is exceptional. It takes wedding video to a new level, creating a high-definition, cinematic experience.

The brief

The clients had designed their own website as a platform to showcase their work and production values.

They wanted effective SEO copy that would follow the format of the site they had designed and attract new business.

At the time, the main market for their service was big-budget Asian weddings, but they wanted to expand on this and create wedding cinematography for all kinds of weddings, all over the UK.

My approach

I started by thoroughly researching the market and the competition to see what we were up against.

Though many of the other companies were more established and highly reputed, their website SEO content was poorly done or non-existent. This would give us the opportunity we needed.

The next step was researching the different kinds of weddings and gaining an understanding of the terminology used in the various ceremonies and rituals.

I then spent a lot of time researching the SEO keywords and phrases for the site and strategically placing the best ones into the web content. None of the major competitors were ranking for these phrases, which was a good sign.

The finished website is a perfect platform for showcasing their previous projects and selling their service to new wedding clients.