39 pound glasses


The client is a local optometrist with a small group of successful, high end practices.

The website was for a new business, focusing on affordable fashion eyewear. It’s part of a larger mission the client has, to make clear vision accessible to everyone.

For every pair of glasses purchased from the website, the company donates a pair to someone in need overseas.

The brief

The client wanted copy that was in keeping with a more affordable fashion brand, but which also gave a sense of quality and style.

The SEO needed to drive a high volume of traffic to the site, from all over the UK.

My approach

I researched countless other websites supplying glasses online to get a sense of how they worked and what was needed.

My research then turned to affordable fashion brands, to get a sense of their tone and style.

For the keyword research, I focused on high performance keywords with maximal monthly searches and minimal competition.

Buying glasses online is still a fairly new thing. Customers have to do some potentially complicated things, like uploading their prescription and measuring the distance between their pupils. 

I worked on keeping the instructions as simple as possible, noticing where other sites were failing and ensuring I didn’t make the same mistakes.

The resulting copy is light and fun on the fashion side, while giving clear and explicit instructions during the choosing and purchasing process.