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This pick ‘n’ mix guide is packed with inspiration and ideas for your marketing efforts over the autumn period, from September to November 2022.

For each month, I’ve prepared an event calendar, which might inspire a post, promotion or tie-in. I’ve included links where possible, so you’ll find all the information you need, including themes and full event details.

Please double-check the 2022 dates and that the events are still going ahead before you invest time and money on marketing.

There are also three seasonal content themes for each month, which you should be able adapt for your brand and your audience.

Remember, your content should be about helping rather than selling, so make sure it’s customer focused with a clear What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).

This will be an evolving post that I plan to return to and update every year. For advance notification of updates, make sure you’re following me on LinkedIn.

If you need more ideas, you’ll find plenty in my blog post:
101 Blog post ideas for your business.

*Denotes events held on the same dates every year.

Content ideas for September 2022

Image by Robert_C at Pixabay

September 2022 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — World Alzheimer’s Month
1st* — Blood Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
1st* — Oddfellows Friendship Month (UK)
1st* — Organic September (UK)
1st* — Sleeptember (UK) TBC
1st* — Sourdough September (UK)
1st* — Urology Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Vascular Disease Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Walk Together for Bowel Cancer Month (UK)

Week+ long events

5th — Migraine Awareness Week (UK)
6th — Know Your Numbers Week, for blood pressure (UK)
6th — National Payroll Week (UK)
6th — Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week (UK), TBC
12th — Balance Awareness Week (UK)
13th — Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
13th — National Coding Week (UK)
16th — European Mobility Week
18th — British Food Fortnight
19th — Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week
20th — Fire Door Safety Week (UK)
20th — Organ Donation Week (UK)
20th — Recycle Week (UK)
20th — Organ Donation Week
20th — National Eye Health Week (UK)
20th — International Week of Happiness at Work
20th — World Reflexology Week
25th — Shetland Wool Week (UK) cancelled for 2021
27th — Bike to School Week (UK)
27th — Healthy Eating Week, with the British Nutrition Foundation (UK)


4th — International Bacon Day
4th — International Vulture Awareness Day
5th* — International Day of Charity
6th — National Read a Book Day (UK)
7th* — World Salami Day
8th* — International Literacy Day
10th* — World Suicide Prevention Day (UK)
10th — National Eczema Week (UK), TBC
11th — Heritage Open Days (UK)
12th — Pension Awareness Day (UK)
13th* — International Chocolate Day
13th* — Roald Dahl Day (UK)
13th — Jeans for Genes Day (UK)
13th — World Sepsis Day
15th — World Lymphoma Awareness Day
15th — International Dot Day
15th* — International Day of Democracy
16th* — International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
19th* — International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19th — Youth Mental Health Day (UK)
21st* — International Day of Peace
21st* — World Alzheimer’s Day
22nd — National Fitness Day (UK)
22nd* — World Car Free Day
23rd — FSC Friday, for the Forest Stewardship Council (UK), TBC
23rd — EveryWoman Day (UK), TBC
25th — International Ataxia Awareness Day
26th* — European Day of Languages
26th — World Contraception Day, TBC
27th — World Tourism Day
28th — World Rabies Day
28th — World School Milk Day, last Wednesday of September
29th — Thank You #HiddenHeroes Day (UK), TBC
29th — World Heart Day
30th — World’s Biggest Coffee Morning (UK)
30th — National Sporting Heritage Day (UK)

September 2022 content ideas

1. Do something for charity

September 5th is the International Day of Charity. So why not do something to help your favourite charity and write a blog about it? Helping charities

  • Volunteer your staff or services to help with a charity project or event
  • Hold a fundraising event
  • Donate money to fund a project and write an article to show what your donation helped the charity to achieve
  • Give learning opportunities or apprenticeships to disadvantaged or underprivileged young people and document the process in a blog
  • Run a challenge or competition, charge people to enter and donate the profits to charity
  • Write a post to promote the charity you’re supporting, talk about the work they do and why it’s so important — tell your audience how they can help too.

2. Christmas countdown for marketing

In marketing circles, the start of autumn is the countdown to Christmas, so it’s a good time to start your Christmas preparation posts. Depending on your brand you may have one or several posts planned in the run up to Christmas.

  • Create a Christmas gift guide
  • Plan your Christmas special offers
  • Compile ideas and inspiration for Christmas: home decoration, recipes, time-saving, food preparation, party planning.

3. Winter break ideas

As summer comes to an end, your audience will be thinking about their next break. If you can make it relevant to your brand, give them some inspiration.

  • City breaks: destination ideas, city guides, restaurant recommendations, most popular tourist attractions, best cultural experiences, hidden gems that are off the beaten track
  • Winter activity holidays: skiing, snowboarding, sledging, ice fishing, whale watching, trekking, snow mobiles
  • Themed breaks: Christmas markets, reindeer rides, northern lights, winter snow, winter sun
  • UK breaks: destination ideas, Christmas markets, winter customs and events.

Content ideas for October 2022

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

October 2022 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — ADHD Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Black History Month (UK)
1st* — Breast Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — The Big Draw
1st* — Charcot-Marie-Tooth Awareness Month
1st* — World Menopause Month
1st* — National Cholesterol Month (UK)
1st* — Go Sober for October (UK), TBC
1st* — Lupus Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — International School Library Month
1st* — Stoptober, to quit smoking (UK)
1st* — Unblocktober, to fight plastic entering our seas (UK)
1st* — International Walk to School Month

Week-long+ events

3rd — Dyspraxia Awareness Week (UK), TBC
3rd — Dyslexia Awareness Week (UK)
3rd — National Hygiene Week (UK)
4th* — World Space Week
4th — Back Care Awareness Week (UK)
4th — National Pyjama Week, for the Children’s Trust (UK)
4th — National Braille Week (UK)
4th — National Curry Week, (UK), TBC
9th — Baby Loss Awareness Week (UK)
10th — UK Coffee Week
10th — National Work Life Week (UK)
15th — Family Learning Festival (UK)
18th — National Adoption Week (UK), TBC
21st — Diwali begins
29th — International Brain Tumour Awareness Week


1st* — International Coffee Day
1st — World Smile Day, TBC
1st* — International Day of Older Persons (UK)
1st* — World Vegetarian Day
4th* — World Animal Day
5th* — World Teachers’ Day
6th* — National Badger Day (UK)
6th — National Poetry Day (UK)
7th* — World Habitat Day
9th — World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
9th* — World Post Day
10th — Animal Road Accident Awareness Day (UK), TBC
10th — World Mental Health Day
10th* — World Porridge Day
11th* — International Coming Out Day
11th* — International Day of the Girl Child
13th — National No Bra Day (UK)
13th — World Sight Day
13th — International Sceptics’ Day
14th — World Egg Day
15th* — Global Handwashing Day
15th — Global Wave of Light, for baby loss
16th* — World Food Day
16th — Restart a Heart Day
17th* — International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
18th* — Anti-Slavery Day (UK)
18th* — World Menopause Day
19th — SUDEP Action Day, for unexpected death in epilepsy
20th — World Osteoporosis Day
20th — World Values Day
20th — Conflict Resolution Day, third Thursday of October
20th — International Credit Union Day
21st* — National Reptile Awareness Day
21st — Wear it Pink, for breast cancer (UK)
21st — Wear Red Day, against racism (UK)
22nd — Apple Day (UK), weekend closest to the 21st
25th —World Pasta Day
28th — International Champagne Day
30th — British Summertime Ends (UK)
30th — National Sleep In Day (UK), TBC
31st — Halloween

October 2022 content ideas

1. Preparing for winter

It may only be October, but it’s a good time for your audience to plan ahead for the colder months and make sure they and their homes are prepared.

  • Winter home prep: insulation, boiler, heating system, radiators, fire/chimney, smoke detectors, draughts and air leaks, roofs, gutters, outside lighting etc
  • Winter garden prep: trimming and pruning, storing furniture and pots, shed/greenhouse maintenance, salts for paths and driveways, repair broken/dangerous steps and paving slabs
  • Winter vehicle prep: battery, tyres, anti-freeze levels, oil, screenwash, lights, kit to carry in case of emergency
  • Personal care for winter: medicine cupboard essentials, hair/skin care, foot care, joint care, colds and flu, keeping warm, staying active, healthy foods and drinks
  • Winter clothes: latest fashions, warmest outerwear, best non-slip footwear, skiwear, sunglasses.

2. Halloween

Halloween is known for wickedness and mischief, so it’s a good time to write about bad things. Here are some ideas:

  • Buyer beware: scams, swindles, hoaxes, rip-offs
  • Bad behaviour that loses customers, such as poor etiquette, spamming, aggressive selling and poor customer service
  • Shocking mistakes people are making that are preventing them from achieving their goals
  • How to recognise the signs of bad clients and troublesome customers
  • Scary statistics that show your audience why they should/shouldn’t be doing something in their business.

3. End of British Summertime

UK clocks go back one hour this month, giving people a whole extra hour of time. So you could talk about some of the things that can be achieved in an hour. There are lots of themes for this, depending on your brand, but here are some ideas:

  • Teach them how to make something
  • Show them how to make a plan or prepare something in advance
  • Host a one-hour course where they can learn something valuable
  • Host a practical class, in person or online
  • Help them write a blog post or schedule some social media posts
  • Encourage them to do something they might have been putting off
  • Take them through a how-to to demonstrate a new technique.

Content ideas for November 2022

Image by geralt at Pixabay

November 2022 event calendar

Month-long events

1st* — Big Energy Saving Winter (UK)
1st* — Lung Cancer Awareness Month (UK)
1st* — Mouth Cancer Action Month (UK)
1st* — Movember, for men’s health
1st* — National Novel-Writing Month (UK)
1st* — National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month (UK), TBC
1st* — World Vegan Month

Week-long events

1st — National Pathology Week (UK), held in June for the Diamond Jubilee
1st — Global Prebiotics Week, TBC
7th — International Stress Awareness Week
7th — Lifelong Learning Week (UK)
7th — Sugar Awareness Week, TBC
7th — Talk Money Week (UK)
14th — Anti-Bullying Week (UK)
14th — World Nursery Rhyme Week
14th — Road Safety Week (UK)
14th — Book Week, Scotland
21st — Geography Awareness Week, third week in November, TBC
21st — National Pizza Week, TBC


1st* — World Vegan Day
2nd — National Stress Awareness Day (UK)
3rd — World Sandwich Day
3rd — International Stout Day
5th — Bonfire Night
8th* — World Radiography Day
9th* — World Freedom Day (US)
13th* — World Kindness Day
14th* — World Diabetes Day
16th — World COPD Awareness Day
16th — Blue Wednesday (UK), for mouth cancer
18th — World Pancreatic Cancer Day, TBC
19th* — International Men’s Day
19th* — World Toilet Day
20th* — Universal Children’s Day
20th — White Ribbon Day, for violence against women (UK), TBC
21st* — World Television Day
24th — Carers’ Rights Day (UK)
25th — Black Friday
30th* — St Andrew’s Day

November 2022 content ideas

1. Christmas countdown for customers

For many of your customers, the start of November starts the countdown to Christmas, so anything you can do to help will be appreciated.

  • Update customers on your festive season opening hours, delivery dates, last chance dates etc so they can make sure they’re prepared — you can follow this up with a series of reminder posts on social media
  • Create a Christmas checklist to help your customers with planning, workload, shopping etc.

2. Stress awareness week

November 1st marks the start of International Stress Awareness Week. This could be a great opportunity to help your customers by:

  • Showing them how what you offer can make their lives less stressful
  • Giving them hacks and tips to make their work/lives more manageable
  • Talking about healthy vs. unhealthy ways of dealing with stress
  • Write about the benefits of exercise and taking more time outside
  • Compile a list of helpful stress-management resources.

💡 REMEMBER, you can also visit the website to see what the 2021 theme is and write a post based around that.

3. Recycle an old blog

Articles that are more than three years’ old are often out of date and need a refresh, so why not recycle or repurpose an old blog and republish it?

Here are a few ideas on how to do it:

  • Update the article with the latest information and statistics
  • Expand the article with more information and add more value
  • Add new voices and industry insights
  • If it’s an image-based article, update the images to show the latest trends and styles
  • Rewrite it to show how things have changed since you published the original article.

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