(And why I might not be)

There are hundreds of copywriters out there and every one is unique, coming from a different background and with a different set of specialist skills.

So why choose to work with me?

And what mix of skills do I have to offer that no one else has?

Here are six reasons I could be the copywriter for you

1. I’m an accomplished and experienced writer

If you’re looking for a copywriter, you want a highly skilled wordsmith with the experience to deliver exceptional copy that gets results.

The problem is, these days, anyone can do an online course and call themselves a copywriter.

But there’s a world of difference between those ‘copywriters’ and the ones who’ve spent years gaining their experience and honing their skills — the ones who really know what they’re doing. This applies in any case.

I’ve been writing professionally since 2000, took my first creative copywriting job in 2005 and started my freelance business in 2011. So you could say I’ve earned my stripes.

And though it’s the ‘recommended’ thing for copywriters to do, I’ve never chosen a niche — I enjoy the variety too much.

This has meant that, over the years, I’ve worked for all kinds of companies, in all kinds of industries. And while I tend to stay away from very specialised areas, I’ve gained my experience writing on a diverse range of subjects.

2. I’m a conscientious troubleshooter

The communications you already have in place might not be performing as they should. For example, if your website isn’t generating enough sales or your content isn’t getting the engagement you think it should be.

But, you might be too close to your business to understand what the problems are — and you might benefit from an outsider’s perspective.

I’ll look at your communications objectively, from your audience’s perspective, to see where the problems are. I’ll then give you honest feedback, with reasoning, on what’s wrong and how to fix it.

3. I’m a website specialist

Whether you’re planning a new website or reworking an existing one, you’ll need clear, search-engine-friendly copy that draws traffic and converts it into business.

And, as with any interactive media, websites need to provide a flawless user experience (UX) that’s smooth, straightforward and simple.

I understand websites well. I’ve been using them regularly since 1995, when Webcrawler and Netscape Navigator were the browsers of choice. And I’ve experienced my fair share of good ones, bad ones and downright ugly ones.

Today, I’m a skilled website copywriter who’s been writing successful, Search-Engine-Optimised web content since 2010. I’ve built several websites from scratch, so I have design and technical knowledge too.

And I’m fully UX aware, so your website will be planned and written to provide the very best user experience.

I offer two distinct website services: A full SEO copywriting service to fill your website with high quality content and a website auditing service to help fix existing websites that are underperforming.

4. I write in plain English

Sometimes your messaging simply needs to be clean, concise and clear. This is especially true if you need to simplify something complex or provide clear instructions.

For this, you need plain English.

Using plain English has a number of benefits. For example, it makes your content and communications:

  • Accessible to a wider audience
  • Quick and easy to consume
  • Suitable for the full extent of your market.

I’m a creative copywriter at heart, but also write sensible plain English that’s clear, reads well and is easy to understand.

5. I’m a content specialist

Content marketing is a form of advertising, whereby companies create valuable content for their target audience. This is often in the form of blog posts, which are published on your website.

Regularly producing and publishing content helps to:

  • Interest and engage your target audience
  • Position you as an authority in your field
  • Improve or maintain your website’s position in the search engine results.

I’m an ideas person. Before I became freelance, I was a conceptual copywriter for 12 years, generating more than 50 creative ideas for visual communications every month.

Today, I use my ideas for content creation, writing regular blog articles for clients in all kinds of industries.

6. I can offer more than just copy

Not everyone who hires a copywriter has a clear communication strategy or the support of an in-house marketing team. If this is you, you might appreciate some extra help in other areas, besides copywriting.

My background is in design management, marketing and conceptual copywriting, so I’m a creative copywriter with a host of complementary skills. They include:

  • Art direction
  • Picture research
  • Idea generation and development
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Visual communications
  • User experience
  • Copy critiquing and editing.

So, if you need more than words, I can help you with these things too.

And here are three reasons why we might not be a good match

1. You’re looking for cheap copy

There are lots of copy and content writers out there who will happily fill your communications with words and charge you next to nothing for doing it.

But I’m not one of those writers.

I offer high quality copy and content for a fair price that reflects my skills and level of experience.

Cheap copy is often a false economy. The people who write it make their money by writing high volumes of content quickly — and often without the necessary research or care.

2. You need your copy yesterday

Effective copy and content doesn’t happen spontaneously. It takes time, research and attention to detail.

Your copywriter needs to understand your business, your brand and your customers. But they can’t do that if you don’t allow them enough time.

I can work quickly when I need to, but I don’t do my best work when I have to rush it. And I’m usually fully booked, which means I can’t take on jobs at short notice.

3. You want a ‘yes’ person

A ‘yes’ person will agree with everything you say and every decision you make. And they will do exactly as they’re told without question — even if it might be the wrong thing to do.

I work more as a creative partner. Looking at your situation objectively and giving honest, practical guidance wherever I feel it’s needed.

Have you met your copywriting match?

If you like what you’ve read and think we could work well together, you can find out more about my copywriting, content writing and web auditing services on my main website.

Or get in touch with me directly. I would love to hear more about your project.