Your words have power

As the image says, ‘Words have power’ — or, at least, they do if you know how to use them properly.

But many businesses don’t write with confidence. And they use weak, woolly words that do them no favours.

If you want your content to sound more convincing and informative, here are five tips that will help you achieve that.

1. Do your research 🔎

If you want to write with confidence, it’s much easier when you work from a place of knowledge and understanding.

Read widely and learn as much as you can about your chosen subject before you start.

Demonstrate your knowledge and authority by:

  • 🔎  Citing credible research from quality sources
  • 🔎  Using specific numbers and percentages
  • 🔎  Writing with care and accuracy

2. Draw sensible conclusions 🤔

Use the knowledge and information you have gathered wisely.

Take care to interpret the results correctly and draw sensible conclusions.

Adding your voice and experience to your argument will make your content fresher and more unique. But make a point of saying when you’re speaking from experience and avoid presenting your opinions as facts.

3. Use social proof 👍🏽

Social proof is the testimony of people who have used a product or service and can give objective — and, hopefully, good — feedback on the results they had.

The influence of social proof can be instrumental in driving purchasing decisions.

Make sure you’re getting positive reviews and testimonials from your customers and make sure you’re using them at every relevant opportunity.

4. Avoid weak words 🔓

To write with confidence, avoid weak words, like can, could and should wherever you can.

Substitute these for stronger and more positive words like will and shall.

Even better, use have or do if you have proof that something has worked.

5. Be specific 🎯

Be positive and definite in your assertions.

Avoid vague and woolly words, like frequentlystuffthings and a lot

Use specific words, numbers and percentages — and remember to cite any sources you’ve used, for credibility.

Need some help to write more confidently?

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Image by: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay