…and how you can do the same

Added value is described as an improvement or addition to something that makes it worth more.

In today’s competitive market, adding value is key to creating a positive customer experience and building client relationships that last.

Here are just some of the ways I enhance my clients’ experience of working with me.

Be knowledgeable

I’m committed to continual learning and making myself the best I can be.

When I’m not working on client projects, I’m reading articles and going to local workshops and seminars. Refining the skills I already have and learning new ones.

If I see an opportunity to learn something that will benefit my clients, I take it.

For example, although my role is to write a website, I have the background knowledge on how websites work and what they need to succeed.

Knowing your stuff means you can make effective suggestions and give valuable advice.

Be honest

I tell the truth — even if it’s difficult. 

Telling your client only what they want to hear does a disservice — to them and to you.

For example, I never guarantee the SEO copy I write will get my clients’ websites to the top of Google. Because I can’t guarantee it. And neither can anyone else.

Never over promise. Be honest about what you can do — and what you can’t.

If something is wrong, tell the client it’s wrong. And, more importantly, tell them why it’s wrong.

If you’re honest from the outset, you will both start your project on the same page, with the same goals and the same expectations.

Be supportive

No two clients are the same. Each client has their own unique set of challenges and each needs a level of support that is tailored specifically for them.

I work collaboratively with my clients to establish a support system that works for them.

It might be regular face-to-face meetings, help with content ideas, branding advice or visual communications.

Also, I aim never to point out a problem without at least trying to offer a solution. 

Tailoring your service to meet your clients’ specific needs delivers significant value.

Be generous with your time

I only charge my clients for the work they commission.

I give everything else away for free.

This includes practical advice, creative ideas and strategic suggestions.

Some — though not all — of this opens doors to further projects and future business.

Making sure your clients are well looked after and getting good value for money is key to building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Be respectful of your clients’ time

I understand that my clients are busy people.

I’m always punctual. I respond quickly to emails and phone messages. I call when I say I will and I’m always on time for meetings.

If I’m writing content for a client, on a subject I know nothing about, I do my own research. I don’t expect them to spend their time filling in all the blanks.
If I do have questions, I’m clear and specific. I ask exactly the right questions to get the answers I need first time.

If I have several questions, I type them as a numbered list with a line space inbetween them. This highlights each question and enables the client to answer each one by typing underneath it. It’s quick, effective and painless.

Being respectful of your clients’ time shows that you are capable, resourceful and easy to work with. It helps your clients to build trust and confidence in you.

Be reasonable 

The added value I offer is not something I charge for. Most of it is essentially good manners and common sense.

I keep my prices competitive and at a level that suits the clients who want to work with me — but I still charge a fair price for the work I do, that reflects the time, effort and skills involved.

Overinflated charges won’t make you look more competent than your competitors.
Your charges should show that you understand your market and what potential clients would reasonably expect to pay. 

Be worth it

I stand by my conviction that cost shouldn’t be the only consideration when hiring creatives.

There are plenty of content mills out there, with writers working at breakneck speed for a pittance.

And plenty of writers touting ludicrously low hourly rates, working all hours and churning out one job after another.

Will they give their clients a full service with added support?

Probably not.

My clients can expect high quality, well researched, original copy — written exclusively for them and for their target market.

They can expect my personal attention, ideas and input whenever they need it.

And they can expect to feel important, respected and valued, which is exactly what they are.

How can I help you?

I’m Jenny Lucas, a creative copywriter, content writer and copy editor with the words you need to succeed.

To find out more about me and the services I offer, please visit my website.

If my approach appeals to you and you would like to discuss working with me on a project, please get in touch.

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay